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Archive for the ‘Prescotians’ Category

Sad news about PGS stalwart Rod Crook (from Brian Cook)

Posted by Prescotian on November 1, 2014

I have just been told that Rod Crook has died. I have written a brief obit which I attach along with the speech he gave at the reunion dinner in 2002. There is also a picture of him on the top table at the 1990 dinner.


He is in the grey jacket facing the camera. Rod was a substantial figure in the academic world. I’ll miss my e-mail correspondence with him.

You can read Brian’s obituary by clicking here >>>>>

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Do you remember Peter from 1961?

Posted by Prescotian on August 24, 2014

Peter Spear, who left PGS in 1961 has completed a profile pge which members can access through Find-a-Friend >>>>>

Peter, who lives locally in Rainhill, would like anyone who remembers him and is interested in making contact.

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Available on E-Bay until 03 Aug, 2014, 22:46:40 BST

Posted by Prescotian on July 29, 2014


There is a copy of Prescot Grammar School 1544-1944 by F A Bailey on E-Bay for the next four days. Currently standing at its starting price of £8.00, its condition is described as, “Hardback cover very slightly soiled and extremities a little worn. Front endpaper slightly soiled. In satisfactory condition”.

Go to auction page here >>>>>

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The late Dr. Peter Niven

Posted by Prescotian on July 29, 2014

PeterMcNivenaIt is with great sadness that the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire records the death on 24 June 2014, at the age of 69, of Dr Peter McNiven.

Peter was born in Doncaster, Yorkshire, on 22 September 1944. By 1947, when Peter’s sister Tina was born, the family was living in St Helens in Lancashire. Peter was educated at Prescot Grammar School and Manchester University.

Read More >>>>>

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Do you remember your teachers?

Posted by Prescotian on July 13, 2014

We came across the St. Helens-Connect forum thread about “Prescot Schools, both primary and secondary, which features comments about PGS teachers!

Click here to see the comments >>>>>

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A thankyou from a Head Prefect

Posted by Prescotian on June 23, 2014

il_fullxfull.190057479Stuart J Robinson (Head Prefect 1957 to 1958) has written to the Prescotian after receiving the latest e-newsletter, “It is wonderful to hear from The Prescotian. I can see myself in the programme for Hobson’s Choice in the annual play when I played Henry Hobson.It is also great to see so many faces I recognize. Thank you. “

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Where are they now?

Posted by Prescotian on June 22, 2014

top3_lawyerFour former Prescotians have turned up on a Google search and by coincidence are all in the legal arena!

Perhaps you knew them at school! Click on their links below ……

Howard Nulty                     David Blackburn                        Carlton Christensen                    Paul Hunt

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Tony Hazzard back at the Cavern Club

Posted by Prescotian on June 19, 2014

Tony Hazzard returned for two special performances at Liverpool’s International Pop Overthrow at The Cavern on Friday, May 16.


Tony, who was born and brought up in Rainhill and went to Prescot Grammar School, also sang on Elton John’s first three albums.

Read more from the Liverpool Echo >>>>>

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Sad News about Ian McIntyre [PGS 1942 to 1949]

Posted by Prescotian on May 28, 2014

74342100Brian Cook has written to the Prescotian, ” I have just found out that Ian Macintyre has died. He played Macbeth in the school dramatic society production. There is a photo of him in the role on the website that I sent to you. He was a very significant figure at the BBC. There are obituaries of him in many national newspapers.”

BBC News     Scottish Herald     Wikipedia




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A pair of curriculum vitae

Posted by Prescotian on April 19, 2014



The Prescotian gets Google Alerts for any new mention of Prescot Grammar School. Three former pupils CVs have turned up from the ether of the internet.

Firstly, Angela Pipe, who is a therapist/counsellor in the Northwest of England.

Read more about Angela here>>>>>

Secondly, Michael Davies who works at Humboldt Berlin University specialising in English and American Studies.

Read More about Michael here>>>>>

Thirdly,  Alan  Craven has been  Professor of Physics, University of Glasgow, since 1998.

Read more about Alan here >>>>>

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Tom Lovelady [PGS 1948 to 1951]

Posted by Prescotian on February 9, 2014

I have just received the sad news of Tom Lovelady’s passing from his nephew, Guy Lovelady as follows,

“My Uncle Tom (Tom Lovelady) died yesterday at his home in Welshampton on the Wales Shropshire border.  He joined Prescot Grammar School in 1948 joining mid 2nd year from Collegiate. He was a very keen sportsman and played Football with Alan A Court and Bert Trautmann was good mates Gerry Atherton. Only last Sunday he was busy on the phone to my dad recalling the great days of their youth.  I was at his 80th Birthday in January just gone and he was in the most spectacular form recalling and celebrating his amazing life with his close friends and family.

I wonder if there is a way you can share his passing with anybody from his time at Prescot 1948 and 1951, when he left for his first job at Mersey Casings in Widnes”.

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Posted by Prescotian on December 1, 2013

Born in St James’ Street, Gloucester, on 20th August 1911, he had one elder sister, Rose Irene (Renee) Spiller. The family moved from Gloucester while he was still young, but he remembered helping in his grandfather’s coal business, sometimes shovelling coal from their railway wagons.

He was educated at Prescot Grammar School, and then trained to be a teacher at the College of St Mark & St John, in Chelsea, London.

He married Elizabeth (Betty) Turner on 25th March, 1940 in Rainhill. They went on cycling holidays in North Wales together. They lived at 18 Brookfield Avenue until they sold it for ¹2,250 on 31st August 1961 and bought another at 24 Knowsley Road for ¹3,500.

Due to an ear infection while young after a mastoid operation, he could only hear in one ear, and was not called up during World War II: he became an Air Raid Warden and cycled to school. He later suffered from pernicious anaemia. He used to smoke cigarettes, but later gave them up.

He taught at several schools in the Liverpool area: the last before retiring was Maidford Road County Primary school, where he taught for 36 years from 1st February 1938 until he retired in July 1974. He went on summer camps with the boys in 1938 & 39 to Ballajora in the Isle of Man, and to Pentrevoelas and Dyserth in North Wales after the war. His previous school, St Cleopas, was lit by gas and heated by coal fires.

Although he owned a full driving licence, he never took a driving test as he started driving before tests were required. He owned a variety of cars, including a Lanchester, Morris 8, two Morris Minors, Morris 1100 and 1300, MG 1100, Austin Allegro, Austin Maxi, Minis and Metros.

He was quite musical, and could play the piano. Although he was a member of the Church of England, while his childen were growing up as Catholics, he did not attend church until after they had left home.

After his retirement, he became a Conservative Councillor on the local council and was re-elected a number of times. He was a keen gardener.

He died at his home in Rainhill in November 1989 after experiencing heart problems for some time.

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Former PGS Teacher passes away

Posted by Prescotian on December 1, 2013

Mr. Leon Heath Jones Davies, who taught at French at PGS after completing National Service in the navy,  died recently in the Preston area. A full obituary entitled  “Man of real integrity” can be viewed on the Longridge News here >>>>>

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From the Forum : Joe Kirk

Posted by Prescotian on August 8, 2013

pgssta22David Tyrer started this thread recently,

“I’ve enjoyed happy memories looking through the web site.
Mr Mason, our chemistry teacher, was known as Neddie.
Our music teacher was Edward Joseph Fielding Kirk (Joe). A couple of the lads used to see him outside school, I think to play golf. He insisted they called him Ted; he hated the name Joe. He was the only teacher to recognise my abilities. I was very quickly promoted (that may not be the correct word) to the groaners. Whilst the rest of the class sang sea shanties, and the like, we were sworn to absolute silence.
He was a real character, with an obsession with the colour green. His clothing was all green, as were his pens, and even the frames of his glasses. He carried an old leather attaché case in which he kept ‘the slipper’. In fact it was a soft gym shoe, but it was always known as the slipper. Punishment involved the miscreant bending over in front of the class and being belted on the backside with it. It was known as being slippered. One of the class, I think called Haralambos, must have been the original dead-end kid. The slipper never had any obvious effect on him. Eventually Joe had to devise a new punishment, just for him. Joe would grab the hairs on the side of Haralambos’s face, in front of his ears, and pull them until the miserable wretch was hopping and yelping with pain. Punishment administered, and entertainment for the rest of the class. In those far off days this treatment was considered perfectly acceptable and in not at all unreasonable.”

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Do you remember Brian Jones from the Forties?

Posted by Prescotian on August 8, 2013

tas_gov_logo_smlWe have received an e-mail from Hilary Jones regarding her father Brian Jones who attended PGS from 1943 to 1948, as follows,

“Hello I am writing from Tasmania on behalf of my father Brian Jones who was a pupil at Prescot Boy’s Grammar from 1943 – 1948.  Dad will be 82years old tomorrow and is currently in hospital recovering from double knee replacement here in Tasmania. Dad’s ‘Jones’ family home was 13 Pratt Road.
Dad left PGS in 1948 to start apprenticeship at BICC, where his father Bob Jones was employed as Electrical Engineer. Bob Jones worked some 53yrs for BICC. My Dad played for Cables Football Team and his father Bob was President or Chairman. Dad and his father both good piano players who regularly played piano in the local pubs at that time.
Dad did his National Service 1952-54 in the REME based at Taunton, Devon travelled extensively in Europe, Holland, Germany etc and attained rank of Lance Corporal.
Dad has very good memory of his childhood in Prescot and can name all the boys in his class/year (for each year) at PGS and has some great stories.  One of Dad’s friends in the same year was Johnny Marrison (now deceased) who was also very good piano player. Johnny was a character and got into trouble in Music class for playing ‘modern’ music during class.  Johnny later went on to receive a national award as the best pub piano player in UK. Both Johnny and my Dad Brian got into big trouble when they were about 15 years old because they were playing piano duets in the local Prescot pubs for tips and my grandfather Bob Jones found out.
We have some pics of Dad as apprentice in workshops at BICC and various pics Pratt Road, army, Green Dragon bowling club, newspaper obituary for Bob Jones etc.
I would like to get hold of a copy of Bailey’s history of Prescot and PGS for Dad. Can you advice where/how I can get a copy.  By the way Dad clearly remembers Mr Bailey.
Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

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David Jones, PGS 1957

Posted by Prescotian on April 23, 2013

David Jones who left PGS in 1957 has added the latest full profile page.

Simply go into the find-a-Friend section and click on profiles index to catch up with his news.

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News of the elusive Mr. Danvers

Posted by Prescotian on April 5, 2013

stanleyhighAndrew Loveladyhas contacted the Editor as follows, “Mike Danvers was head teacher at Stanley High School in Southport. If you google “Mike Danvers,  Headteacher” you will find some hits but I found nothing more recent than 2009 where he we an Improvement Partner at a school in Whitworth”.

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Learn more about Daphne

Posted by Prescotian on March 22, 2013

Daphne Newell, who left PGGS in 1965, has submitted a more detailed profile to the website.

Read all about her in the Find-a-Friend Profile Section of the website here >>>>>

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Susan Elizabeth Shaw

Posted by Prescotian on March 16, 2013

We came across this sad story about the passing of a former PGGS pupil, who would have left in the mid-seventies.

Read more here >>>>>

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Sue Johnston on her inspiration at PGGS

Posted by Prescotian on March 16, 2013

Actress Sue Johnston tells the story of her inspirational teacher during her PGGS days in the fifties, “If her parents had ambitions for their only child, it wasn’t that she should be an actress. “Dad wanted me to go to university; even that was a big ambition. Acting was something that upper and middle-class people did – as well as being a very insecure profession. I think they hoped my acting ambitions were just a phase.” But 12 year old Sue met English teacher Nora Potter at Prescot Grammar school.

“I owe so much to that woman! She cast me as the witch in a school play called The Tinderbox – and from that moment I knew what I wanted to do. It wasn’t for the applause, although I did love making people laugh – still do.” She giggles infectiously, then the soft Merseyside voice becomes serious.

“It’s hard to explain, but a lot of actors will tell you the same – there’s always a moment – for me it was that very first rehearsal – when you know, ‘this is IT: I’ve found my place’.” Sue was reunited with her teacher on This Is Your Life. “A terrific moment and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I’d tried to find her before – but Miss Potter had become Mrs Sutton. She still loves drama . The funniest thing is that she followed my career all these years – without recognising that Sue Johnston on the telly was the young Susan Wright she once taught!”

See full interview here >>>>>

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