The website will be eighteen years old very soon [19/05/2018] and its future needs to be addressed.

As Editor, I have enjoyed its stewardship and seen it grow to decent repository of  unofficial archives!

However, i am not getting any younger and have had some health problems of late. Without being pessimistic about my future, it must be time for a younger and more energetic custodian.

Any offers will be greatly recieved and a new editor would be welcome to do whatever he/she/they  want with the site design, content and ethos!

I am all for progress but maturity denies me the drive! Perhaps, the Facebook Page run by a group of former students and teachers would like to take it on.

My connection with Facebook and twitter is peripheral at best. The website is linked to tehm both simply to inform followers of the latest news of new registrees, articles and announcements etc!