The Prescotian has survived for 18 years, which I believe is a tremendous testament to the memory of our beloved schools and all they stood for over four hundred and fifty years.

I would like to thank you all for the contributions, encouragement and support that you have given me over that time. However, in these times of rapid progress, the format of a website such as this has become somewhat obsolete and hence it is sensible to let the domain expire in early 2020.

On reflection, I have checked the stats and found that the site has received some 160342 individual visitors, many for around the world. Over the 18 years, this averages out at 170.3 weekly visitors, or 24.3 visitors per day!

The whole project has cost me around £1000 in domain and hosting fees up to early 2020! I can not even start to calculate how many man hours I have put in over that time!

FLOREAT PRESCOTIA seems very appropriate!