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The Prescotian website started life in May 2000 after the Editor had entered “Prescot Grammar School” into a search engine. Various local message boards yielded several pleas by former pupils for old friends to contact.

Prescot Grammar School Connections was set up on a PC World Freeserve account. For three months, it sat there forlorn with three “connections” only.

Another search yielded more forum messages and suddenly the page hits started and for a time went off the scale.

The site reached various milestones soon after on the visits front. The first one hundred members had enrolled within five months and the thousand mark reached in January 2002, when Phil McCormick from Liverpool signed onto the site.

On Friday, 14th January, 2005 Paul Gerrard from New Zealand claimed the honour of being the one hundred thousandth visitor to the site, even supplying evidence in the form of a screenshot! This means that the total was reached in 1700 days creating a website life average of 59 unique visitors each day! At this rate, the one millionth visitor will be recorded in December, 2046!

It was then decided to shorten the name to The Prescotian when the site got its own independent domain name. The ‘Newsblog’ was set up to offer the latest news in an easily editable format. This was later linked with an RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook for those who wished to keep up-to-date on their mobile phones and tablets!

The site averages about 15 visits per day and can receive up to 200 visits when a big news item appears.

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