Spud and Dixon


I have been sifting out broken links as suggested by readers to whom I am very grateful. However , I found a couple of my own mistakes in coding.

  1. I have somehow lost a file called globe.jpg from Mick Howarth. I have even been back through back-up CDs from 2003 and can not trace the image!
  2. Eric Swarbirck sent in a couple of photos of “Spud and Dixon” with notes attached. Soehow I had lost this page BUT my old back-ups have come to my rescue. You can refresh your memories here >>>>>

Zigger Zagger 1973

schoolplayGeoff Smale has contacted The Prescotian as follows, “I just stumbled across the photo of the 1973 production of Zigger Zagger, I played a police constable ( my dad was a Bobby so I had access to a genuine uniform helmet etc). I can still remember a line I spoke. “Now me and the lads down at the station “. I can also remember Miss Mcburnie encouraging the boys to whistle in tune by stating that ” only mature and fully developed men could whistle in tune”. A great production and a rare fun after hours experience…… I was normally in Detto!!!!”

Click here for play report >>>>>