Sad News of Elaine DEBORAH Seddon

Andrew Collet has written to The Prescotian site with very sad news regarding his wife Elaine Deborah Seddon. Deborah, as she was known passed away recently. She was born in !960 and left Prescot Girls Grammar School in 1979. Deborah, a retired teacher lived in Lincolnshire with Andrew, her husband, who she had known for thirty-five years.

We send our condolences to Andrew, who can be contacted via e-mail at homespanner at


Sad News about Tony Gill (1966 PGS Leaver)

Ian Williams has contacted the website with tragic news about Tony Gill, “Trevor, just heard from Sue, Tony Gill’s partner. “Ian its Sue Tonys partner. I have bad news for you l’m afraid. My beloved Tony passed away @12.15 on Sat 5th Nov in Whiston Hospital. He had been there a week with multiple problems including pneumonia, a large blood clot near the lung & Atrial Fibrillation. He had a cardiac arrest in A&E the Sat before but the hospital though wonderful couldn’t save him.He died peacefully in my arms with his family around him. My lovely kind sweet man has gone lan & l am heart broken! The funeral is yet to be finalised but l shall let you know tho realise you wont be there. Our address should you wish to send a card is 3, Bembridge Close Widnes WA8 9AA.Best wishes Sue.X”

Ian added his own tribute, “Tony and I came from Longview CP to Prescot together and were close friends. In the first year it was the custom for the second and third years to “twat” the Newts with school rulers on the calves. But sadly for tradition, Tony and I were bigger than most second years, and shall we say, broke the tradition, not just for ourselves but for our other contemporaries. And when it came to our second year, In a continuing upsurge of righteousness, we stopped others from continuing the practice. I think we finished it for good in fact.  He was a great character, larger than life whose operating name was “Boris” because he two extra incisor teeth grew out above the originals for a while! He kept the name long after he lost the teeth!
It was Tony who introduced me to the Prescotian after I had moved to New York. I cannot attend the funeral, but will make a point of raising a glass or two in his honour“.

Sad news from Nottingham : Graham Powell (PGS 1961 to 1966)

We have just received the following message from Helen Powell in Nottingham.

“My husband Graham Noel Powell passed away suddenly last year, 18th February 2014, age 64 years.
He attended Prescot Grammer School from 1961 until 1966 and had very fond memories of his time there.  After leaving, he studied Art in St Helens and when he was eighteen he moved to Nottingham where he attended the Nottingham Art College for three years.  It was during this time  that we met and subsequently married in 1974.

Graham was a Ceramics teacher for a few years and did sell some of his own work at Liberty’s in London but as very often happens he chose a different route to go down which was to become a very successful Licensee of a Public House in Nottinghamshire. We spent fifteen years running the pub and then started a catering business which we had until Graham passed away last year.

Up until twenty years ago we often used to go back to Eccleston to see Graham’s parents who lived on Church Lane but after his father died and his mother moved to Nottingham to be near us we have only managed to go back once which was very nostalgic for Graham.

He always kept in contact with Malcolm Herbert and on his last visit to Eccleston he met up with Barry Lowe who he hadn’t seen for approximately thirty five years.

I just thought that I would send this to you as it may be of interest to anyone who knew Graham!”


Helen Powell