Dawn Pilkington signs in!

Dawn Pilkington left Prescot School in 1988.

Dawn is a support worker living in Prescot.

Contact Dawn here >>>>>



Sad News about Mike Burrill

Peter Chadwick has just contacted The Prescotian with some rather sad news as follows,

“Mike Burrill (1967-1974) died on 13 September. His wife Joy told John McIntyre in New Jersey, and John told me. I’ve been in touch with Joy, and she’s quite happy for the news to spread. Any chance of getting a few PGSOBs to the funeral, which Joy promises is going to be a good do?

Wednesday 4th October at 12.15 at West Lancs Crematorium, Pippin Street Burscough L40 7SP”.

Sad News of Elaine DEBORAH Seddon

Andrew Collet has written to The Prescotian site with very sad news regarding his wife Elaine Deborah Seddon. Deborah, as she was known passed away recently. She was born in !960 and left Prescot Girls Grammar School in 1979. Deborah, a retired teacher lived in Lincolnshire with Andrew, her husband, who she had known for thirty-five years.

We send our condolences to Andrew, who can be contacted via e-mail at homespanner at gmail.com

Spud and Dixon


I have been sifting out broken links as suggested by readers to whom I am very grateful. However , I found a couple of my own mistakes in coding.

  1. I have somehow lost a file called globe.jpg from Mick Howarth. I have even been back through back-up CDs from 2003 and can not trace the image!
  2. Eric Swarbirck sent in a couple of photos of “Spud and Dixon” with notes attached. Soehow I had lost this page BUT my old back-ups have come to my rescue. You can refresh your memories here >>>>>